Have you heard any web developers complaining that their Content Management Systems don’t provide fully functional compatibility with older or even newer versions of Windows? Well if you are a DotNetNuke user, then count your lucky stars because Windows Compatibility just couldn’t get better than this!


Dealing with Compatibility Issues:

There has hardly been an occasion where DotNetNuke has caused a feature, API or 3rd party extension to break. DNN has constantly provided an efficient upgrade facility for all its users; old and new. Just imagine a frustrating instance where a user was working on the Windows XP platform and soon enough a newer Windows version arrived in the market (let’s assume Windows 7) and the CMS he/she was working on was no longer compatible for XP; but only for W7 now. So the user has to consider one of following two options: 

  Go through the trouble of installing W7 and then reinstall the CMS and migrate all the previous data to it
 Or either just stick with XP and move on to another competitors CMS that functions well for your version of Windows.

We all know both of these are not ideal situations. These can result in awful consequences like losing your current users and causing dissatisfaction. 

What makes DotNetNuke so amazing is the fact that it’s open source andrich API provides allcreative developers to create thousands of new and innovative extensions for the platform that are compatible for all sorts of environments. Those technologies that don’t support operating system and platform compatibility are doomed to fail eventually.  

The key to sustaining a strong customer loyalty base is to remove all obstacles from their way and provide them proficient solutions which satisfy their needs. It’s no rocket science to realize that the cost of upgrading the software which makes it perfectly functional for all environments is much lesser than the cost of moving to another CMS.


The Secret behind DotNetNuke’s Success:

It’s not a piece of cake to maintain compatibility for all versions of Windows OS and provide an upgrade path for all its users; but DotNetNuke has persistently achieved this milestone over the years.The reason behind the success of DotNetNuke lies in their ability to serve all it’s past, present and future users equally, without any discrimination. Rather than building newer platforms and creating various new branches of the CMS, DNN developers focus on the current platform and invest all their time and energy in introducing new upgraded features which support compatibility for all its users.

This not only makes it easier for the users, but also for the developers of DNN, their Quality Assurance and Testing Team and also provides better security fixes, because when you narrow down your energies to one single platform which serves all, the better are the chances of creating a robust and immaculate system.

It all comes down to the realization that only way to be at the top in this industry is to serve each and every one of your customers in the best possible way (while making it cost effective for them and you both) for extensible periods of time.