DNN is undoubtedly one of the most reliable open source management platform. It is a developer’s friend in true sense. The features and services it offers is modern, up to date and compatible with systems. Content management systems imply proficient technical expertise that makes it acceptable and useful for almost every developer in the world of IT.

Hosting with DNN

Hosting with DNN means you are hosting with a reliable source that has a gold certification partner with Microsoft. Industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) backed DotNetNuke hosting with 100% uptime guarantee. More than 5,000 customers are loyal customers across the globe. The astonishing feature is of having a choice of domain from available 25,000 hosting domains. Risk is being hedged by giving you a 60 days money back guarantee that ensures that DNN platform is reliable and vigilant about its customer’s satisfaction.  It has the impeccable experience and expertise demanded to be among the leading pioneers of hosting services.

Talented team of developers are always available round the clock to entertain the problems and issues. The customers really appreciate their responsiveness and patience. It has become the customer’s favorite, since it solve the issues within a matter of few minutes and treat every customer as importantly as the other one.

Privacy of data contents

DNN has strict security and authorization rules and abide by all of them under every situation. Data and log files are reserved confidentially that breach is impossible. Users of DNN praise about the security and authenticated process of granting access to data files, they feel secure and relax once they rely on DNN for protection of their data files and records. Gold certificate from Microsoft is just another feather on the hat for DNN showing that DNN is competent and diligent in the services it claims to offer.

Single installation gives multiple portals, technical staff members are just a call away from customers in resolving their issues and entertaining their queries. Cloud computing enables virtual memory storage that is a demanded feature nowadays. Bulk emailing can be done explicitly without being bothered about data leakage or security breach. Hosting services are innumerable that has been offered by DotNetNuke. But compatibility and authentication of every single process makes developers to incline towards using DNN hosting services.

Unlimited services with unlimited offers

Domain hosting with DNN can be up to 6 domains at a time or go unlimited only with DNN. Website control panel urges the customers to deal with unlimited databases and unlimited emailing facility. Risk is being hedged by offering money back guarantee showing the commitment towards customer’s satisfaction. DNN keeps every info to itself and can be retrieve from it at any point of time by any authorized user. Domain registration is for free. In the days of inflation and economic instability the free services are very much cherished by developers. Because of the above mentioned along with other characteristics DotNetNuke has surely becomes the most wanted hosting portal by developers across the world equally. Customers are loyal and appreciate the outcome it implies.