DNN is an open source management system with some interesting useful features. The web development has been made easy and simple. Dynamic and interactive sites can be made easily on DNN platform. It has everything a developer wants in a content management system. File management system is efficient, bulk emailing is simple and sturdy security to all the contents and data files are few of the prominent features of DotNetNuke. Things have become simple through evolution of technology. The framework or fundamental structure is intricate but the dealing with the software application has been made so easy that laymen are enjoying the perks of advancement in technology. 

Security and privacy

Internet access has been easy and cheap. Because of this internet traffic is quite soaring. Many internet users are not investing their time in productivity rather they indulge in cyber activities that are illegal, immoral and unethical from every aspect. In the midst of all the possibility of law breaking activities successfully going on without a shred of evidence, the security is the significant issue developers and clients are deeply concerned about. But guess what, DNN is offering you security strong enough to withstand any kind of adversity. Seasoned developers really appreciate the efforts it provides to its users i.e developers and clients.

The code is in C# that makes it easy, pose no difficulty or hindrance while writing a code. Many features of C# is quite appealing for developers as well. A newbie can easily learn to develop a code on it without much professional assistance. User interface that has been created on it is immensely user friendly and nowadays people actually prefer things to be easy. Protected site contents, record of log in, cloud memory that is compatible with MS azure, implementation of modern tools as CSS 3, HTML 5 and JQuery, secure and authorize bulk mailing is some of the prominent features DNN has offered over the years. The appreciative characteristic of DotNetNuke is that with the evolution of technology and communication modes, DotNetNuke does its best to keep up with time in accurate and fine way. Its offering has been evolved with the passage of time. It becomes the ultra-modern CMS tool for the developers and users.

Ease of web development

Commercial websites, social computer networks, community portals can now be an easy task for every developer. As it employs C# in coding, the task of developer has been a piece of cake now. Reusability feature of C# is one of the astonishing and much needed feature that makes developer’s life easy and thorough.

It can be easily downloaded and installed on every system. With few professional skills anyone can operate or make web content on this platform. The privacy is ensured. The tools are compatible. Any kind of website can be developed at any time. Single installation offers multiple portals and implies several compatible tools through which you can develop whatever you want. DotNetNuke is renowned for its services and authorization processes as people never complains about its security issues or compatibility matters.