There are millions of innovative and creative mobile applications accessible through app store which can make the mobile experience of the users exciting, refreshing and outstanding. The number of applications that releases is increasing day by day. There are many companies that lead in developing mobile applications but there are also individual developers available who can create interactive apps.

What are mobile applications?

Mobile applications are those applications that run on the small wireless handheld devices like smart phones, PDAs, tablets or other mobile devices. Some mobile apps are already installed on these devices while others can be downloaded and install from the desired app stores by connecting over the World Wide Web. There are also some applications which can be directly run on the mobile browser. All the different forms of mobile apps are explained below.

Types of mobile applications:

1. Native mobile applications:

Native mobile apps are those applications which are programmed in the specific programming language and developed locally for specific devices. For android users, programmers use Java programming language, dot net for windows, objective c for iPhone, etc. 

When it comes to performance they are more reliable and fast. However, app which is built for one operating system cannot be run on other operating systems. Users can install them from the app store. Some apps require an internet connection while others do not require it.

2. Web mobile applications:

Web mobile apps are basically websites which can be run on the mobile browser. These websites are specially programmed for mobile browsers which are written in Html5. They require internet connection to use them however there is no need to install them from the app store. Many companies adopt these web apps to give their business a new and creative edge. The same web app can run on all mobile operating systems.

3. Hybrid mobile applications:

These hybrid apps are considered best mobile apps as they are partially written with respect to native apps and partially web apps. These apps are written in html5 then packed natively for selling in the app store.

How mobile application development is done?

The mobile app development requires the following process to be completed.

1. Concept: Concept is gained from the client or developer itself.
2. Requirement gathering: Requirements are gathered through the client.
3. Design: Design has developed after requirement analysis.
4. Prototyping: Development of testing API.
5. Development: Development of whole software.
6. Testing: Different tests are performed like security, scalability, quality assurance, etc.
7. Deployment: Software is available for use in the app market.

Some best mobile applications:

There are hundreds and thousands of best mobile apps that are used by millions of users on a daily basis. Some famous mobile apps are Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, You tube, Tap fish, Temple run, Despicable me game, and many other games as the list will never end. These all apps cater the needs of the users as well as the developers. It’s up to the mobile users to choose and utilize the appropriate apps according to their requirements.