DNN 6.2 built on strong web content management system capabilities making it the leader in web content solution in the Microsoft ecosystem. Version 6.2 is the current release that enables businesses to quickly build internal social networks to improve communication, collaboration and employee productivity. Version 6.2 enables you to create external communities that enable site users become advocates. This lowers site support cost and increases revenue opportunities. Let us look at some of the features which make version 6.2 stand out from the rest

  • Extreme make over

DNN 6.2 makes it easier for you to build and maintain your website thanks to its simplified user interface. The interface consists of new pop-up dialogs, new control panel, mega-menus, and updated administration modules for you to experience a highly modern platform for creation and operation of your website. Its interface has a new look with an attractive, contemporary skin and a default site template that gets new users started quickly. The interface has modern mega-menus and lightweight containers. If you want to build an awesome web presence, then version 6.2 is the right choice for you as it comes with perfect canvas.

  • DNN store accelerates web design and delivery

With version 6.2, the DNN store and DNN Extensions page are accessible from within the core DNN platform. This tight integration simplifies the process of finding, purchasing and installing DNN applications. The DNN store has about 10,000 commercial applications.

  • E-Commerce engine that gets business running faster

Version 6.2 Enterprise edition and Professional Edition includes a new e-commerce engine, which gives organizations ability to add e-commerce capabilities to their websites. Those organizations with a small portfolio of goods and services that they want to sell on their website will find this e-commerce engine very helpful.

  • Simple fast document publishing with SharePoint Connector

DNN 6.2 Enterprise Edition comes with the Microsoft SharePoint Connector that enables fast, secure publishing of documents that are stored in SharePoint to public websites, intranets or extranets. You can securely manage your document library within SharePoint and choose the document you want to publish using a flexible, cost-effective DNN platform.

  • Fully compatible with Windows Azure Hosting

DNN version 6.2 is fully compatible with Windows Azure Hosting and also provides cloud service integration with the new Windows Azure Storage and Amazon S3. This version is lays a good foundation for moving to the cloud, whether for the whole website of just for file storage.

  • DNN mobile
With version 6.2, organizations whichever its size can deliver customized online experience to thousands of unique mobile devices. It has new capabilities to manage mobile device detection, site groups, page routing and deliver optimized content for mobile browsers.