DotNetNuke (DNN) is an open source, highly efficient content management system most suitable for designing of commercial web sites, extranets and corporate intranets, and online publishing portals. DNN is free to use for any commercial or non-commercial application. The software is built on a robust Microsoft ASP.NET (VB.NET) platform. It is easily installed and hosted to get all the features and tools a web developer needs to design and manage features of websites such as layout, security, content, membership plans, search engine submission, and email client. 

The advantage DNN offers in web hosting is, the user is the site administrator. When you use a highly advanced browser-based web management system, you can conveniently manage your site without even being trained for it. This way, you eliminate intermediary developers thus saving you time and money and at the same time it adds speed and efficiency to your web operations. Content creation and configuration aspects in DNN websites don’t require any additional support and services. As a result, greater and speedier returns are realized in one’s merchandize investments.  

The software has a modular design thus the user gets the opportunities to market niche products such as templates, premium content management modules, and many database options for his/her clients.  It separates site content from design to offer more marketing possibilities for tailor-made templates. As noted earlier, DNN CMS is based on Microsoft technology and includes the .NET framework. This means a user can conveniently work on existing infrastructure such as windows servers, development tools and database servers. 

The software adapts well with the user’s built-up systems and automated environments and, requires minimum interventions. It is also very flexible. DNN websites offer the owner more time to focus on his/her sales instead of on support aspects. DNN releases regular updates and new features are introduced often. Thus it continues to build value for web hosting business in a stable manner. This CMS is fully extensible and scalable thus it is used to build websites of any capacity, starting from small writer’s web portal to a highly customized corporate web site. 

A DNN website can be augmented through third-party private assembly tools. The software supports various portals from a single installation with administrators having advantage of managing multiple numbers of sites from a single account. Websites build using DNN can have administrative options divided between the host level and individual portal level to bring about complete independence and flexibility. The community using the DNN website development platform is growing. It currently has more than 350,000 registered users and a fast expanding network of third-party developers, resellers and hosters.