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Website, Website, Website, Most person’s wonder what a website is capable of doing for them either as an individual, an enterprise or a conglomerate. In fact most persons even bluntly respond, “I’m not interested in these internet jargons in which offering to help me develop as it is indeed a waste of time, resources and energy both on the part of the developers and the individual”. Seeing the need to better educate the general public on numerous benefits that is abound in owning a website, and what are the things a website can do for you. If you need to find out what those things are, then you need to seat back, take a deep breath, exhale and read further.
A web browser is a translation device. It takes a document written in the HTML language.  After that, translates it into a formatted web page. The result of this translation is a little like giving two human translators a sentence written in French and asking them to translate it into English. Both will get the meaning across.  However, it may not use the same words to do so. 

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